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About the Company

Roklen Fin a.s. was registered at the Commercial Register, Section B, File 19731 of the Prague Municipal Court on 25 April 2014. The registered capital of the Company is CZK 100 000 000 (50 % paid in). The Company  Registered Address is Václavské náměstí 838/9, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1.

IČO: 029 39 673

DIČ: CZ02939673

Roklen Fin is a joint stock company with a 100 % Czech capital which will focus its activities on the field of financial services and will operate economic and investment news portal  Within financial services Roklen Fin will primarily offer corporate finance services, securities trading at Central European and main global markets, and foreign exchange.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board is  Mr. Jan Klenor, formerly long-time CEO of Patria Finance, and the Board of Directors is formed by five seasoned professionals with a combined incredible over 90 years of experience in financial services on the Czech and overseas markets. As Company Founders we firmly believe that there is a space on the Czech market for a new entity which will  provide our corporate and private clients complex financial services fast and in high quality, using up-to-date technology and unbeatable knowledge and information databases